God Particle Series, Memento Mori, (22x30") by Yuri Kadamov

God Particle Series, Memento Mori (W477, NFS)

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God Particle Series, Memento Mori, graphite and colored pencils, collage on Stonehange paper board (22x30") by Yuri Kadamov (July 2012). This work of art is not for sale.

"I was a Prisoner and You Came to Me" is a special exhibit of artwork created by death row inmate, Yuri Kadamov, who has been in solitary confinement for 20 years. He has found salvation, healing and sanity through art. He wishes to share his work, and teach fellow inmates to experience the healing properties of creative self-expression. Therefore part of the proceeds from sales of Yuri's artwork will go towards purchasing art supplies for this purpose. He has a petition seeking to end solitary confinement on death row.
You can find it here.

This exhibit is on display in Juniper Art Gallery's Special  Exhibits Room September 28 - November 8, 2023.