James B Campbell

self portrait, James B CampbellJames B. Campbell was born in 1950, in Grants Pass, Oregon. Montserrat School of Visual Art in Beverly, MA, is where he studied art and made his first shaped canvas in 1973.

He has received awards from Manhattan Arts and Chautauqua Exhibition of Contemporary Art and has pieces in the corporate collections of Eli Lilly and Renaissance Electronic Services in Indianapolis.

He is a founding and participating committee member of the Bloomington Open Studios Tour.

James was fortunate to be the first artist featured on WTIU/PBS, “The Weekly Special”.

Recent exhibitions include:
2021, Solo show at the Meadowood Gallery, Bloomington, IN.
2019, Solo show at the John Waldron Art Center, Bloomington, IN.
2019, participant Exphrasis show ant the Venue, Bloomington, IN.
2018, 61st Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Chautauqua, New York

Artist’s Statement: 
"Currently I’ve found myself returning to the human figure in sculpture. There is a quiet intimacy to the relationships these figures portray in life’s personal moments. 

In my paintings I use the gesture of structure and the paint to emphasize the incongruities of mind. These thoughts, like the open form of the work itself, play out in a free form manner engaging their surroundings without the constraints of the traditional picture framed view."

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