Donetta Breeden Cross

Donetta Breeden Cross

Donetta Breeden Cross is a small town girl…raised in a Southern Indiana forest.  She is an artist who creates through writing, wood-crafting and welding. Her artistic talents are inspired by nature.

She began making art in 2017. The beauty of her rural Greene County, Indiana surroundings brought out the artist within. and she felt a desire to express her unique concept of sustainability through art. She describes her art as "an act of love for Mother Earth."

Donetta’s artwork is based on the theory of sustainable living through repurposing of everyday items and natural resources. She creates through writing, wood-crafting, and welding. Her artistic talents are inspired by Mother Nature. Donetta utilizes wood from downed trees and metal that has been thrown to the wayside, no longer wanted or considered functional. Their function is restored as pieces of art, by adding their own unique style of beauty.

She says, "I am an artist inspired by the world around me with a deep desire to share my experiences in the hope of greater understanding between humans."

Donetta presently lives with her husband, 3 cats and 3 dogs atop a hill, surrounded by trees and wildlife in Greene County Indiana.

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