Marc Cornett

Marc Cornett is an architect-urbanist by day, and a self‐taught artist and maker by night. Juniper is pleased to carry Marc’s colorful originals plus his affordable 8x8 art prints. Each print is hand detailed so no two are exactly alike.

Artist Statement: “I’m currently exploring the idea of making one‐of‐a‐kind 8x8 art prints from my original watercolor paintings and drawings and marker line renderings. The scanning, digital alteration and printing from the watercolor and marker originals allow me an additional opportunity for creativity. My subject matter is literally measured by my interest in design and my interpretation of visual imaginings. Ordinary subjects become the starting point for many interesting journeys of scale, texture, color, shadow, line and shape. These journeys have become my toolkit. My new work also lets me create a process for ‘Making’ a small art object that can be affordably obtained. The 8x8 Art Company is a result of this process. Each 8x8 inch work presents itself as an original, affordable art print. The final work is hand detailed and archival mounted on a panel‐board ‘canvas’. They are ready to be taken home and hung on your wall.”
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