Patrick Donley

Patrick Donley is a sculptor, musician, and co-owner of Zephyr Gallery in Louisville, KY, who has made his reputation with his colorful, abstract paintings. He has a BA from Davidson College in painting, and an MFA from Northwestern University in painting and drawing. After taking a break from art to record and perform with the band Jakeleg several years ago, Donley did an artistic about-face, and began producing wall mounted, found-object sculptures. His most recent work, The Memento Series, melds Donley’s two and three-dimensional techniques while adding narrative components to the mix. The work deals with memory and intimacy. Donley says the series reflect a crossroads where his two paths meet and influence one another. “I am essentially a mixed media artist,” he explains. “Trained as a painter, started using collage with the paint, then shifted into three-dimensions using found materials.”
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