Mark Blaney

Mark Blaney lives in Bloomington, Indiana. He previously lived and worked primarily in Arkansas, but his extensive artistic resume includes solo and group art exhibitions and gallery representation throughout the United States and abroad. In recent years, he has been commissioned for large scale installation paintings in the Women’s Crisis Center of Pine Bluff, AR (2013), and the Carti Regional Cancer Center in Little Rock, AR (2016). His ceramic sculpture is on permanent display at the University of Arkansas Medical Center in Little Rock, AR. His work is also displayed in many private collections.

 Artist's Statement:  “Painting and sculpting help me to look closely into the world around and to find pleasure in watching the many forms lit by our sun. The movement and interactions among people, plants, animals, and the weather are plenty reasons to make things.

 All my work begins with interpretation of natural forms using drawn lines as symbols to suggest motion or rest, then I simply draw with color.

I think the beauty happens when the viewer can enjoy the moment depicted in the work as well as the actual handcraft of it.

While using variations and the descriptive quality of drawn lines as a visual reaction to nature I try to allow the design to have its’ own integrity as a pleasing object.

If all works well, I paint with the same approach as drawing; seeking an intuitive freedom while having a visual conversation with nature.

Mixing colors to follow an idea is real fun and every new painting is a fresh chance at work and play in form and color.”

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