Genny Gordy

Artist, Genny Gordy

Genny Gordy, a resident of Muncie. Indiana has a Master of Arts in Art Education from Ball State University. She has taught art in the public schools and at the university level for 12 years. Genny was co-owner and President of Gordy Fine Art and Framing Co, a gallery and framing studio for 26 years until retiring in 2015. During her career in business and art advocacy, she was continually active in developing an art district in downtown Muncie, where her gallery was located. Always a working artist, she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as juried competitions throughout Indiana. Since retiring in 2015 Genny has compiled a series of over 85 paintings that she describes as “conversations between my conscious mind and the ridiculous and spectacular universe.”

Artist Statement: “My work is a conversation between my conscious mind and the ridiculous and spectacular universe. My process goes something like this:
I sit down in front of my brushes, pens, paint and paper without any preconception and art falls out.

The crisscrossing of themes that show up seems to take care of itself… nature, social issues, politics, gardening, science, and art history are common reference points. The relationships that develop could most aptly be described as continuity from chaos. Mostly satirical in flavor, I depend frequently on a private mental stash of symbols such as crows, frogs, snakes, worms, human parts (faces, hands, eyes, legs, and feet), and a number of garden forms.

These paintings, which are mostly watercolor, and ink are meant to be entertaining with a sharp twist of lemon.”

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