M.Rees and Frankie

M.Rees lives in Putnam County, Indiana, a predominantly rural area that continually feeds his wonder for the natural world and small-town America.  He studied woodblock carving and printing with renowned print master, Tom Huck, of St. Louis, Missouri.  After the apprenticeship, M.Rees launched Wildwood Press.  His woodblock prints are part of the permanent collections of the Indiana Bar Association and the Putnam County Historical Society and Museum. Juniper Art Gallery is happy to include these excellent, hand-pulled woodblock prints with our original art offerings. We also offer a selection of giclee reproductions from his limited edition woodblock prints that have sold through (meaning the original,  hand-pulled prints are no longer available).

Artist’s Statement: "For much of my adulthood I've been trying to relearn what every five-year-old understands about color and composition."

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