Nature Interpreted

Juniper Art Gallery embraces and celebrates the long history and excellence of Indiana painters who capture the beauty and timeless imagery of the Hoosier landscapes. Our gallery mostly showcases and supports such artistic endeavors. We are also aware that forms of self-expression embody very different visual art outcomes while still being inspired by the beautiful natural world that surrounds us in southern Indiana.

This invitational special exhibit highlights the differing, sometimes abstract works of art that are inspired by nature, although the onlooker might not recognize such inspiration at first glance. We want to give voice to artists who translate their expression into a different language but are no less passionate about the source for their inspiration, while creating outstanding works of art.

Dates: October 7 – Dec 10, 2022

Opening Reception (in conjunction w/ Regional Artists’ Fall Exhibit):
Fourth Saturday, October 22, 2- 4 pm


Featured Artists:
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