David J Emerson Young

David J. Emerson Young has been obsessed with art since he was five. He remained immersed in art while earning Bachelor degrees at Indiana University in philosophy and literature.

In the early 1980's, David founded Young and Laramore advertising agency, where he served as CEO and Executive Creative Director for 30 years. During that time, he continued making art.

Nearly all of Young’s paintings start as drawings. The drawings come from his subconscious – the place he trusts most. It is as if his subconscious has a direct line to his drawing hand. He often doesn’t know what the subject is until the lines reveal it well into the drawing. Once it is recognized, he develops the image into a finished piece.

Young has recently completed a 21-painting series on Global Warming with the input of Environmental Scientist, Green Party Leader, and Nobel Laureate, Andrew Weaver.

Young has designed and installed nearly 100 sculptural works of public art, 46 of these sculptures reside in the Indiana State Museum’s outdoor sculpture series of state counties.

Artist’s Statement
"My artwork comes from my subconscious. For me, that keeps it true. It began when I was in middle school where, while sitting in class and listening to the lecture, I would draw a random line on a bit of paper, then react to it with another line that would begin to suggest the subject of the drawing. The drawings were small enough to make it look like I was taking notes, but many were taken away by teachers. Nonetheless, I have a fat album of about 3,300 drawings done during high school and college classes that survived. My small drawings evolved into large-scale paintings.

When I have established a subject to work on, like the Global Warming series, I study the subject until it becomes part of my subconscious awareness. Then I draw from the subconscious images I have developed in my head. Often, the subject isn’t revealed to my conscious self until it is partially done."

Listen to a WTIU conversation about David's Global Warming series of paintings

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