Dawn Adams

Artist's Statement: "Art has many functions. This body of work was a response to grief at the loss of our son, Wade.  Making art was therapy for me, and I wanted my paintings to be therapeutic for the viewer as well. 
The subject of water, probably more than any other representational imagery, can have both psychological and emotional responses.  It is metaphorical, and is visually limitless.  It can morph the phenomenon around it hinting at multiple realms of reality.  A versatile subject, it can exist well on several levels - composition, abstraction as well as representation, and it can be very emotionally soothing - an ideal subject for healing. I believe looking at water promotes a peaceful mind. 
The image building includes multiple applications of oil paint.   Translucent and opaque layering of unconventional painting techniques, such as resists, combing, sponging, splatter, as well as brushwork create dense visual depth, and describes the image uniquely."
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