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Juniper Art Gallery has moved to 615 W Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404
we are now located in Bloomington Indiana's Arts & Entertainment District! 

We look forward to participating in the First Friday Gallery Walks!

To show your continued support, you can help us with our move by:
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Soon, our exceptional regional artists will become a part of the vibrant arts community in Bloomington, Indiana. We will be in close proximity to the FAR and I-Fell galleries and to Lotus! We look forward to being a part of the First Friday Gallery Walks (which Juniper's owner, Jaime Sweany helped establish twenty years ago in 2003).

We are grateful for all the visitors and patrons who came from near and far to support our small arts business in Spencer, and to help see us through a global pandemic these past four years. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our gallery, artisans and our regional artists.

Thank you for your past support and we are counting on your continued support as we make this BIG transition!

Jaime Sweany's Private Collection Sale is now available on-line. She has a variety of artwork available to purchase at her asking price, or you can make a reasonable offer. Proceeds from her private collection sale will go towards Juniper Art gallery's moving and build-out expenses.

Please note that you can still purchase artwork from this website! We offer local delivery.

Juniper gratefully accepts donations to the Friends of Juniper fund.
All donation dollars are used to meet our fixed expenses and overhead (please note that financial donations are not tax-deductible).

Please visit our Events Page for the latest happenings!

Art lovers and collectors, Juniper Art Gallery is your destination for artwork by well-known and respected artists from throughout the Midwest. 

We are proud to represent the best in traditional painting and the finest in contemporary artwork.

If you would like to purchase a work of art, you may do so through this website.
Please call 812-714-8038 for shipping options and charges.

We offer Gift Certificates!

Click on the artist's name below to see their  current collection of work: 

Dawn Adams

Mark Blaney

Rena Brouwer

Mark Burkett

James B Campbell

Patrick Donley

Zhen-Zhong Duan

Stephen Edwards

Jacki Frey

Bert Gilbert 

Grace Gonso

Brian Gordy

Ransom Haile

Dena Hawes

Allison Horner

Kathryn Houghton 

Allen Hutton

Meg Lagodzki 

Kurt Larsen

Wyatt LeGrand

Rebecca Lowery

Ellen Starr Lyon

Jeanne McLeish

Pamela C. Newell


Tom Rhea

Donna Shortt

Jerry Smith

James Alexander Thom 

Caitlin Tibbs

Terese Urban

Danielle Urschel

Joel Washington

David J Emerson Young


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