Patrick Donley

Patrick Donley is a sculptor, musician, and co-owner of Zephyr Gallery in Louisville, KY, who has made his reputation with his colorful, abstract paintings. He has a BA from Davidson College in painting, and an MFA from Northwestern University in painting and drawing. After taking a break from art to record and perform with the band Jakeleg several years ago, Donley did an artistic about-face, and began producing wall mounted, found-object sculptures. His most recent work, The Memento Series, melds Donley’s two and three-dimensional techniques while adding narrative components to the mix. The work deals with memory and intimacy. Donley says the series reflect a crossroads where his two paths meet and influence one another. “I am essentially a mixed media artist,” he explains. “Trained as a painter, started using collage with the paint, then shifted into three-dimensions using found materials.”

Check out Patrick's amazing (newest) art project Groundhog Archaeology. His curiosity and interest has created an entire historical dig and museum under his own art studio! Truly a fascinating journey!
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