Zhen-Zhong Duan

Zhen-Zhong Duan

Zhen-Zhong Duan was born in Anhui, China in 1944. In 1969, he graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design where he majored in Decorative Arts and Architecture. From 1969 to 1973 he worked as an art designer for the Song and Dance Ensemble Central Troup. He then took a position at the Beijing Film Studio where, in 1990, he became their Senior Arts Designer. His set designs have appeared in over 20 major film and television productions, and he has received many special honors and awards for his contributions to the Chinese Moving Picture Industry.

In 1989 he was awarded the "Golden Rooster," which is equivalent to the American Academy Award, for his set design for the movie Waiting for Daybreak. Mr. Duan also collaborated with Ann Hu, a world-recognized director, on the internationally acclaimed film, Dream and Memory.

Mr. Duan is an accomplished watercolor and oil landscape painter. His work has been exhibited internationally, in Beijing, Hong Kong, Europe and the United States. He is a member of the Oil Painters of America, and his oil paintings have also been displayed and sold by Sothebys, a prestigious and highly respected art auction house.

 Zhen-Zhong is a member of the Chinese Association of Movie Artists, a member of the Chinese Academy of Movie Artists and a member of the Oriental Art Association, where he was Director of the Research Division for Qi Baishi-Art. Juniper Gallery is honored to represent his artwork.

Please contact the gallery (812-822-1663) to learn more about the the original artwork of Zhen-Zhong Duan, and the watercolor and oil paintings that are currently available. We also offer reproductions from his paintings in a variety of images and sizes.

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