Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin and Emilia Jones left New York City in 2012 with a plan to create a sustainable small-scale farm in the Appalachian Mountains. Emi had a background in pottery and joined a local pottery co-op and eventually became the manager. Hannah later joined as a co-op member but soon it became clear that they needed dedicated space to practice and develop their art, so they built a studio.

Hannah started pottery later in life and specializes in wheel throwing (Emi's work is sculptural and hand built). Hannah has developed many of the glazes she uses to create her own unique color patterns. Hannah and Emi continue to create art and run their small-scale sustainable farm together.

Juniper Art Gallery owner, Jaime Sweany, discovered their work while traveling through North Carolina in the spring of 2018. She is especially fond of Hannah’s ceramic travel mugs and is thrilled to share these unique offerings (and glazes) with her Southern Indiana audience.

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