David Shipley

David Shipley was born in Indianapolis with an actively playful imagination. The youngest child of a rationalistic family, he often rebelled with the possibilities of “what if?” Trying to find himself, he moved to Bloomington to attend Indiana University. While there, he was involved in sculpture and art-related classes, where he met his wife Karen. Searching northern Monroe County, they found a rough country house high on a hill on 40 acres. It is their ongoing endeavor to turn it into a picturesque estate.

With all the ingredients of peaceful contentment, David set out to realize an artful life. He resumed art classes at IU, attended symposiums, seminars, workshops, and clubs with other like-minded individuals. David’s drive to create produces three-dimensional arts of a variety of mediums. These ongoing activities began to get notice and led to years of experience in several art galleries. He has planned and participated in many juried exhibits, group and solo shows, both locally and regionally. Through David’s creative efforts and imagination, he hopes to instill some of his spirit into everything he does.
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