Kristine Starr

Kristine Starr’s one-of-a-kind line of jewelry is crafted using simple hand tools. She creates her own links, clasps and chain out of copper, silver, silver filled, gold filled and sometimes aluminum wire.

Each piece that Kristine creates tells a story (the best part!); a story inspired by the origin/history of the beads or the design created with precious metal and other materials that she has sourced from different parts of the world. Kristine draws inspiration from her Celtic ancestors and from ancient to modern influences.  Most of her jewelry includes a double or single Celtic-inspired spiral symbolizing the inner and outer journey that we each must make.  She believes that we are all linked together and draws inspiration from all types of ancient jewelry.

With a master’s in education and after twenty-nine years of teaching, Kristine retired to focus on family and her jewelry business NellieBlyByDesign (which is named after turn-of-the-century investigative reporter Nellie Bly, one of her female heroes). Mostly a self- taught metal worker, Kristine continues to experiment and learn. She says, “For me, it is the love of the metal and how it feels as I work with it and help it to change that drives my passion.  Living in beautiful Southern Indiana also helps me to draw inspiration from my surroundings.”

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