Rebecca Lowery

Rebecca Lowery was born and raised in rural Georgia. She began her love of clay at Berea College where she earned a BA in studio art with an emphasis in sculpture. She then taught, developed and created ceramics in Kentucky, Maryland and Indiana. Her current studio is in Ellettsville, IN, where she creates whimsical handmade pottery and sculptures that are displayed at exhibitions, galleries and festivals throughout the year.

Artisan Statement: “Handmade functional items are the most sensual objects of art you can own. A mug, for instance, is a very intimate object. You take sustenance from it. You caress it with the most sensitive receptors in your hands and fingertips. You place your lips softly on its rim. It's a very personal item. So, if you choose to use handmade functional items, art is an intimate part of your life and it enhances your experience with the simple joy of a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa.”

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