Paul J Sweany

Paul J Sweany, Indianapolis Art Center (League) circa early 1960's.
Paul J Sweany (1927-2009) was a multi-talented renaissance man. In 1951, he received his B.F.A. from John Herron School of Art (Indianapolis, IN). He was a prolific artist, best known for his watercolor paintings. His career included over 75 solo exhibitions, more than 200 awards, with artwork in private collections the world over. He was an enthusiastic instructor and taught art and art history at John Herron School of Art, Marian College, and the Indianapolis Arts Center (IAC). For nearly 40 years of summers, Paul led art tours throughout Europe, sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for the Italian Renaissance with his fellow-travelers. In 2001, the IAC held a lifetime multi-media retrospective of Paul’s work which included watercolors, oils, ceramics, enamel jewelry, intaglio, lithography, pen & ink, pencil, dry brush ink, silkscreen, photography and a book of his poetry. Paul was an avid nature lover and environmentalist. He saw beauty in even the most-subtle and overlooked details which were depicted skillfully in his intricate watercolor paintings. See The Overlooked.

Listen to a WFIU Public Radio program (from 2010) about Paul Sweany and his artistic legacy.

Please note: we will be adding many, many more giclee reproductions from Paul J Sweany's artwork to this website very soon (early 2020) 
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