Meg Lagodzki

Artist's Statement: My current body of work focuses on geological features that serve as testaments to time and change. I seek out environments that contain a level of mystery or wonder, places into which I feel drawn and immersed for deeply emotional reasons, and return to them again and again for study. 

In the Erosion series, I travel to the caves, creek beds and ravines of the Midwest, where water has worn and chiseled away rock over millennia to create faceted forms and angles. Fascinated by the way the constantly changing light and mineral composition of the rock create subtle shifts in color and mood, I’ve come to appreciate the subtle differences in the layers of sedimentary rock, and the slow but steady changes wrought by water and plant life. 

For the Quarry Series, my starting point is the landscape left behind after human intervention has dramatically altered it in a geometrical, unnatural manner. Stones cut at right angles, shelves cut precisely from hillsides, and walls reassembled from sofa-sized blocks create a landscape that could never exist in the natural world, and becomes disorienting and mesmerizing as nature moves in to reclaim it. Elements of the landscape become abstracted and surreal when they lose their context.

Artist Bio: Meg Lagodzki studied painting years ago and then veered off into other directions for a while. She spent several years practicing as an art therapist, became obsessed with fiber arts and quilting for a decade, had a couple of kids, raised some chickens and a couple of dogs, then came to her senses.  Now she paints, mostly rocks. 

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