Kris Busch

Kris Busch has lived in Indiana most of her life and finds inspiration every day in nature, wildlife and in her community. For Kris, making and selling pottery is a way of life, not a job.

She started working with clay in high school. She then enrolled in elective art classes at Indiana University and it was all over from there! Kris continued her ceramic education after graduating through additional college and craft school workshops at places like Arrowmont (Gatlinburg, TN) as well as from being the resident potter at a community arts center. She now splits her time between making pottery, gardening, and traveling and finds this to be a truly fulfilling life path.

Please Note: Each piece of pottery is hand crafted by Kris. First, it’s thrown on the wheel then it may be altered or added to in order to enhance its form. Each piece is high fired in a reduction kiln to around 2300 degrees. Firing takes around 12 hours to complete, then another 24 hours to cool. All kitchenware is lightweight, food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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