Christine Davis

Christine Davis with a piece of her Raku pottery

 Christine Davis began working in ceramics in the 1970's when she was attending Purdue University, she graduated with a B.A. from Indiana University. In the late 1990's she took a Raku ceramics class at the Indianapolis Art Center and has used this method for her art ever since.

Raku is an ancient firing process in which the temperature is brought up to 1900 degrees in one hour. The glowing pot is removed from the kiln and placed in a reduction can filled with combustibles. This reduction phase gives the colors of coppers, greens, and blues. Black is achieved by the smoke. Success in Raku depends on knowledge, experience and luck.

Her horsehair Raku pottery is wheel thrown with porcelain clay, trimmed and dried and then coated with olive oil and dipped in water. After drying they are burnished to create a smooth, shiny surface. After bisquing (initial firing), they are placed in a Raku kiln and heated  to 1300 degrees. They are then removed from the kiln and individual hairs or feathers are placed on the hot surface. As the hairs burn away, a black carbon trail remains. The pieces are cleaned, waxed and buffed to a silky sheen.

Christine is a founding member of Art in Hand, a cooperative gallery formed in 2000. She is also a member of Hoosier Salon and Indiana Artisans. Her Raku pottery can be found in several prominent Indiana art galleries and juried fairs throughout the Midwest. Juniper Art gallery is proud to include Christine's fine ceramic artwork.

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