Brad Devlin

Brad Devlin grew up in Louisville, KY, studied Finance at Ohio State University and the University of Louisville, graduating in 1982. He says he never really put his degree to use, opting instead to tend bar and travel around the US and Europe, walk the Appalachian Trail, and eventually relocate to Seattle, WA with his wife Laura, where he pursued his emerging interest in art. For nearly 30 years now, self-taught, Brad has been creating art from found and salvaged material.


For 25 of those years he’s exhibited work at Galerie Hertz in Louisville, as well as galleries in Florida, Pittsburgh, and Columbus, Ohio.  His work can also be found at numerous art fairs and festivals in Louisville and the Mid-West.

For 20 years, Brad, Laura and their 2 children have been living in a log cabin and working in a big barn in rural eastern Jefferson County, KY. The barn was originally built by artists Russ Vogt and Leslie Hawk.  The studio is now shared with several other artists.

Artist's Statement:
"I create art out of found, salvaged, and repurposed objects and materials.  Acquiring or finding the materials is a vital part of the process as it elicits exploration of place, excess, waste, and time.  I gravitate toward materials that show distress, weather, or the affects of time.  Or I find a way to do that myself.  The nature of the medium invites improvisation, problem solving and creating order out of chaos.  I like to refer to the often-abstract compositions as three dimensional ‘paintings’ that very nearly conform to the two-dimensional plane."

watch a video of Brad explaining his artistic process

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