Mary Carol Kenney

Artist’s Statement:

“I’m a figurative oil painter. I love telling stories using color, pattern, emotion, and symbolism.” 

Painting has become a meditative practice for me. I often find that I start painting with a clear idea of what I want to express, but then the painting takes over and goes in another direction. This often causes anxiety and frustration (and thicker paint surfaces as I rework an idea), but it also allows the painting to have a say in the outcome. As well as allowing me to enjoy the surprise ending. 

Lately, I’ve been jumping back and forth between two series that explore the best and the worst of the human condition. 

‘Legacy’ – in this series I use symbolism to create a narrative about how the results of our action and struggles to help others, can continue beyond our lives. The other series, called ‘To ERR is Human’ shows the flip side, our weaknesses. I’ve used mugshots from the 1920’s and painted these in a more graphic style. They seem more empathetic and sometimes humorous. We are all capable of both.”

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